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Competitive Prices. Competitive Bidding.

 We strive to be the best in what we do. Certified by the South African Institute of Auctioneers, Approved by the Government and used by various organisations & individuals. Every customer is treated individually, and the best possible service & advice is given.

A passion for the trade

Buying and selling has been a passion of his since childhood. This passion has resulted in a company that has grown exponentially, doubling the employment figures and more than tripled in turnover. Being an individually owned and managed company influences the way Auctionman do business. We take this personal! Our dedicated team is results and customer-service-driven with an eye for detail, combining our practical and professional skills to conduct professional and ethical auctions conventionally. Items/property on Auction before the start of the Auction & Bidding.

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Our Auctions

Auctionman has an array of auctions for you to choose from.  

On-site Auctions

Join Auctionman for on-site auctions held at various locations throughout Pretoria, providing a lively atmosphere where bidders can engage in real-time bidding on quality goods and assets.

Online Auctions

Auctionman brings the thrill of bidding wars to the digital realm with its user-friendly online auctions platform, enabling participants to bid on a wide array of items conveniently from their devices.

Warehouse Auctions

Experience the excitement of warehouse auctions hosted by Auctionman, where a variety of goods, equipment, and merchandise are up for bidding, providing ample opportunities for great deals.

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Property Auctions

Auctionman conducts dynamic property auctions in Pretoria Moot, South Africa, offering diverse real estate options ranging from residential to commercial properties.

Vehicle Auctions

Auctionman offers a range of options from cars and trucks to motorcycles and recreational vehicles, providing buyers with opportunities to find their ideal vehicle at competitive prices.

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Livestock Auctions

Auctionman presents livestock auctions featuring an assortment of high-quality livestock, catering to farmers, breeders, and enthusiasts seeking top-notch animals.

Our Accreditations

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Local Expertise

Auctionman boasts unparalleled knowledge of the Pretoria Moot area and its unique market dynamics, allowing us to tailor our auctions to the specific needs and preferences of our local clientele.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Auctionman, we prioritise customer satisfaction above all else. Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalised assistance throughout the auction process, ensuring that both buyers and sellers feel supported and valued every step of the way.

Diverse Auction Offerings

From property and vehicle auctions to warehouse, online, on-site, and livestock auctions, Auctionman offers a diverse range of auction formats and categories, catering to a wide spectrum of interests and needs within the community.

Transparent and Fair Practices

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our dealings. Auctionman maintains fair and ethical practices, ensuring that all participants have equal opportunities to bid and secure their desired items or properties.

Innovative Technology Integration

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Auctionman seamlessly integrates online bidding platforms and digital marketing strategies to enhance the auction experience for both in-person and remote participants, maximizing accessibility and engagement.

Community Engagement and Support

Committed to giving back to the community, Auctionman actively participates in local events and initiatives while supporting various charitable causes. Our involvement fosters strong relationships and a sense of camaraderie within the Pretoria, reinforcing our role as a trusted partner and neighbor.


Ayobami Idris
Ayobami Idris
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Pretty cool
Boleck Mdala
Boleck Mdala
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Best auction, I got the appliances I was looking for and I plan on going back
Willie du Plooy
Willie du Plooy
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Great place!!! Honest people
David Coetzee
David Coetzee
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Best Auction to be every Friday from 10h00 with all tipe of goods to beat on
molefe masilo
molefe masilo
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Professional auctioneers

Your Auction Benefits

As a Buyer

An auction is an organised event, with one goal: To sell the asset on a specific day & time.

The Buyer decides the maximum price they are willing to pay before the auction.

The transaction is concluded at the fall of the hammer.

If your bid is rejected, your deposit is 100% fully refundable; if your bid is successful, the deposit is deducted from the purchase price.

All Buyers are equal and have the same chance of winning the bid, no unfair negotiations, the auction is a public gathering, and everything is transparent.


Bidders will be given information on all items/property on the Auction before the start of the Auction & Bidding.

As a Seller

Your property is sold as it stands, no comebacks after the sale.

It is an organised public event, your property will be sold on a specific date & time.

The Seller determines the reserve price, the auctioneer can’t sell below this price

True market value is reached and often exceeded by competitive bidders at the auction.

All offers on auction are final & binding, not subject to any finance approval or other clauses. The Auction Deposit guarantees the sale.

Auction is quick, saving you maintenance costs, rates & taxes etc.

The Auction is open to the public, together with all relevant documentation


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